Libraries are no longer being thought of a musty, silent holding area of books. Instead, technology is paving the way for libraries to emerge as a digital repository of information and community centers. We create a space that emphasizes the natural light, sustainability, education and community through a big open space, with green areas on every floor that fulfill the need of relaxing. The building’s skin is a pattern of color applied to micro-perforated panels, recalling Copenhagen colors and mood. The result is a system made of units that work together, which protect and connect the inside with the outside.


AWR Award – International Ideas Competition of Architecture


Fabio Santaniello Bruun
Giulio Fazio
Riccardo Bartali

A free open space on the ground floor allows walking through the building, reaching each of the sides of the area with continuity. Green areas on every floor fulfill the need of relaxing and cozy meeting spots.

The building’s skin is a pattern of color applied to micro-perforated alloy panels, recalling Copenhagen colors and mood; night and day the variable transparency of the surface creates an always different feeling.