Love in Verona is a business company based in the city of the most famous Shakespeare’s tragedy. The company is specialized in catering and wedding services in Verona, particularly for international couples who want to declare eternal love to each other like Romeo and Juliet. The goal of the company is to expand in the commercial sector with the production of drinks, foods, gadgets and other objects linked to Verona and the love theme. In this way, the new brand should help to identify the company in Italy and abroad.


Love in Verona


Verona, Italy

The brand for Love in Verona was conceived to satisfy the multiple areas in which the company intends to operate. To do this, I decided to focus on a clean logo, which could change depending on the destination, without losing its original identity.

To make the Love in Verona brand unique, I referred to a classic symbol of the city of Verona: the Arena. In a stylized shape of the Arena, the arches gradually change, turn into hearts, to recall the love in the name. The text completes the standard version of the logo.

In addition to the primary logo, variants have been realized to offer multiple solutions in relation to the products sold. These variants differ predominantly for the position of the text, moved according to needs. One of them was made by the elimination of the color in the main silhouette of the Arena, coloring the two rows of arches, in order to create a minimal version of the logo, preserving its features.

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